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Accuracy Certification Statement (ACS)

A statement containing specific, collection-based data elements that must be verified and signed by the PIMS Administrator, data administrator, and Chief School Officer of a Local Education Agency (LEA) before being sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

Administrative Unit Number (AUN)

A 9-digit number assigned by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to uniquely identify entities such as school districts, intermediate units, career and technical centers, charter schools, non-public and private schools, higher education institutions, state juvenile correctional institutions, dioceses, private residential rehabilitation institutions, private driver training schools, and libraries.

Adult Affidavit Program (AAP)

Particular, Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)-approved, Career and Technical Education Information System (CATS)-registered programs including Registered Apprenticeship, Emergency Service and Other Occupational programs.  Student data is reported to PIMS to meet state and federal (Perkins IV) reporting requirements.

Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY)

A Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)-approved program that provides a combination of intense, individual academic instruction and behavior modification counseling in an alternative setting to assist students in returning successfully to their regular classroom.

Approved Private Schools (APS)

Private schools, licensed by the State Board of Private Academic Schools, that provide a free appropriate special education for students with severe disabilities and are eligible to receive funds from the school districts and/or the Commonwealth for the education of these students.  For a full list of Pennsylvania’s Approved Private Schools, please follow this link.

Area Vocational Technical School (AVTS)

A public school which provides vocational education to secondary school students, out-of-school youth and adults in a geographical area comprised and operated by one or more school districts and established under Article XVIII (Subdivision C) of the Public School Code of 1949.

Average Daily Attendance (ADA)

The total number of days present (attendance) divided by the actual total number of student days in the regular school year.

Average Daily Membership (ADM)

The total numbers of days enrolled (days present plus days absent) divided by the actual total number of student days in the regular school year.


Basic Education Circular (BEC)

A document that provides guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education relating to the Pennsylvania Public School Code of 1949, State Board of Education Regulations and Standards, and Federal law and regulations.

Batch Manager

The area where PIMS data batches are processed and viewed.  As a batch is processed, each template is checked one at a time by dependencies for validity while it is being loaded into the PIMS warehouse. The DQE process happens before the batch processes.

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