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Data Quality Engine (DQE)

A component of PIMS that validates data within and across data sets. The Data Quality Engine (DQE) is used to increase the overall quality of data while decreasing overall errors.

Data Set Calendar

The calendar used by local education agencies to manage collection windows, correction windows, snapshot dates, accuracy certification statement (ACS) due dates.  This calendar also details required, optional and update only templates per collection, as well as planned trainings provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) staff.

Discipline Domain

This domain is used to track school safety incidents involving all students, including special education students.  School districts, intermediate units, career and technology centers and charter schools report to this domain.  The required templates include Incident, Person, Incident Offender, Incident Offender Infraction, Incident Offender Disciplinary Action, Incident Offender Parent Involvement and Incident Victim.

District Domain

This domain includes two templates, the District Fact Template and the District Snapshot Template. The District Fact Template captures data related to Limited English Proficiency (LEP), Title 1, School Choice and their professional activities appropriately. The District Snapshot Template is uploaded by all school districts and charter schools with kindergarten programs and is data related to kindergarten entry age requirements.


Education Names and Addresses (EdNA)

Educational Names and Addresses (EdNA) is an online tool that can be used to find the names, addresses, administrators, and related information about the educational entities that the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) serves. For access to EdNA’s website, please follow this link.

Educator Effectiveness (EE)

Pennsylvania-legislated model for evaluating teachers, all professional and temporary professional employees, education specialists, and school administrators/principals, while providing training tools for professional growth that provides support as part of a fair effective evaluation process.

English Learner (EL)

A student whose dominant language is not English and who is in the process of learning English.

Enrollment Domain

The School Enrollment Template is the only required template within this domain.  It is submitted by school districts, intermediate units, career and technology centers, charter schools, state juvenile correctional institutions, private residential rehabilitation institutions, and approved private schools.  Student mobility (enrollment and withdrawal transactions) at each school is tracked within this domain.

eScholar Data Manager (eDM)

The secure web interface utilized by authorized PIMS users that guides and controls data as it moves through the extract, transform and load process.  

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

The process, as it refers to PIMS, is the usage of database warehousing that extracts data from outside submitted data sets, transforms the data to fit operational needs (file and batch managers), then loads the data into a data warehouse (PIMS) for local, state and Federal use.

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