What is the Pennsylvania DQC Program?

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) is working with Intermediate Unit 1 (IU1) to develop and implement a data quality curriculum to increase the quality and timeliness of Local Education Agency (LEA) data submitted to PDE. The Data Quality Curriculum Program (DQC) is a comprehensive curriculum to assist LEAs with increasing understanding of the data used for educational reporting, decision-making and school/student improvement.


The goals of the DQC are to:

By increasing the quality and timeliness of data submitted to the PDE through training, networking, skill development and recognition, all stakeholders will have reliable, manageable data. To this end, a data quality curriculum is being developed utilizing seven specialized tracks:

These tracks include instruction on general data quality practices and techniques, as well as intensive role-based training with PDE web-based applications, including PIMS and support resources. Successful completion of any track by appropriate LEA staff culminates in a certification of completion.

Certification tracks will be delivered through online learning with the exception of the initial Resource Navigation lesson which will be delivered via a face-to-face session or by video conference. Subsequent sessions will be delivered through the online platform of Moodle (https://www.padqc.org/learn).


Participation in the DQC program will assist the LEA to build, or enhance upon an existing culture of quality data and reduce the negative effects of inaccurate or missing data. Participation in the DQC program is a voluntary professional development opportunity for interested school and LEA staff members that will provide value to the individual and the organization.