The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) announces the Data Quality Curriculum (DQC). 

Welcome to the Data Quality Curriculum (DQC). The DQC is a tool for local education agencies (LEAs) to increase the quality of data submitted to the PDE, thereby reducing costly data errors and staff time. This is a voluntary program, inclusive of regional meetings, self-paced activities and assessments, webinars and tutorials, to include:

              • Entry Level PIMS Administrator Track
              • Experienced PIMS Administrator Track
              • LEA Administrator Track
              • Data Entry Track
              • Elective Specialty Modules
  • At this time, the curriculum is unavailable, but will resume in
    January and be available through your local IU.

    Thank you for your interest in the Data Quality Curriculum (DQC). Currently the DQC is undergoing updates that will support the recent changes to PIMS data submission resulting from the implementation of PDEs Data Collection Consolidation (DCC) initiative. Thank you again for interest in the DQC and your continued patience.

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